Timubo Cave – Camotes Island, Cebu

Timubo Cave is a small cave located in Camotes Island, Cebu. Entrance is only 15 pesos.

There is no need to bring flashlights and ropes since it has already a cemented stairs with light bulbs at the top for you to easily get in to the cave.

Some of the Stalactites and Stalagmites are already dead due to exposure of the light bulbs, but you can still see some on the corners where waters dripped.

The water is so fresh and cold. It’s nice to be here during summer to cool yourself.

You need to get out of the cave when it rains because the water inside the cave rises, you might get trapped.

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  1. You cannot appreciate from the outside part of the cave,but when we see the real beauty of it inside, we are all amaze. You will feel the relaxing and cool atmosphere inside.

  2. Weeeeee.. the old days… mami.. nindot e balik dre oi.. 😀 (y)

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