Costa de Leticia – Alegria, Cebu


Costa de Leticia is located in Alegria, Cebu. It’s about 2 and a half hours travel from the city.  It is just in front of Malabuyoc Elementary School. They have a 10 x 20 meters infinity pool that provides a scenic view of the beach.



The waters fronting the resort are rich in marine life like colorful hard and soft corals. They have snorkeling amenities for guests to enjoy the different under water species of snapper, wrasse, clownfish, angelfish, butterfly fish, and tang fish.


They also serve delicious food variety. We ordered Pinakbet, Chopsuey, Sizzling Sisig, Humba and Sinigang na baboy.

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Above image is the Main gate of Costa de Leticia.

How to get to Costa de Leticia?

  • Take a bus from Cebu South Terminal
  • From South Terminal, you can take a SERIES Bus to Bato via Barili,It is approximately 2 to 3 hours travel. You a


Costa de Leticia Beach Resort and Spa
(+6332) 476-7040
Look for Jude or Emma
Manager: Clyde (0928-9992070)

Maria Leticia P. Donayre
(+63917) 551 – 4049
Personal email:

Bookings and Reservation
Unit 1-P Freestar Arcade
H.Cortes, Subangdako
Mandaue City, Philippines
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Wireless Landline: +6322 2678785
Office no.: (032) 476 7040
Telefax: +6322 3433755/4226062