Kawasan Falls – Badian, Cebu

Kawasan Falls is located in the south side of Cebu specifically in Badian, Cebu. Its a 3 hour travel from the City. The falls composes of 3 falls. The first falls is the largest falls. This picture is the second falls and the third falls is the source of the water.

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Katibawasan Falls – Camiguin

Katibawasan Falls is a 250 feet high waterfalls surrounded by ground orchids, ferns and dropping vines.  Its a nice place to go during summer because the water is cold.

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River Trekking @ Manipis Falls – Cebu

Manipis Falls is located in Barangay Manipis, Talisay, Cebu. It is bounded by Cities of Toledo and Cebu on the North, Barangay Camp 4 on the East, Barangay Tapul on the South, and Municipality of Minglanilla on the West.










This is the most dangerous adventure I’ve ever had because we do not have the harness and safety equipment for trekking. We only have a rope for fussy areas.  The water is very cold. You would really appreciate the view when you reached the top of the falls.  We really enjoyed it. If you love adventure, never miss to visit the place. Just don’t forget to bring safety gears or you can hire professional trekkers to guide you.

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