Santiago White Beach – Camotes Island Cebu

This is Santiago White Beach Resort. It is a public beach located in San Francisco Camotes, Island, Cebu. It is aproximately 30 minutes away from Consuelo Port of Camotes Island.



They have a fine white sand beach with Tropical huts and Coconut wood-like table shaded with Talisay Tree which you can just use for free.

We had our lunch, dinner and breakfast at Pito’s Sutokil. It’s just few steps away from Santiago Bay Gardens Resort. It is a family owned eatery and it’s one of the economical place to eat. You can also bring uncooked food like rice and marinated pork and they can cook it for you for only 200 pesos total service charge. They have a Karaoke machine that cost 5 pesos per song. We enjoyed the whole night singing. They also sell souvenir items like printed T-shirts.

They also have rooms if you plan to stay overnight. This is just beside the Pito’s Sutokil eatery.  This is newly built and in fact we are the second group who rented the place. They have three rooms and we occupied the two rooms. The first room is 1200 pesos with air-con and the other one is only 800 pesos with fan. Each room has its own CR with shower. It’s a double bed, but if you are not that big, it can fit 3 persons. They also offer extra foams for extra persons. It’s still under construction and they are still working on its landscape.

Pito’s Sutokil Contact No. : (+63) 0935 1359640

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How to get to Camotes Island ?

From Mactan International Airport, you can rent a car to go directly to Danao, Cebu Port. If you want to have less expenses, you can just go to SM Mall Terminal in North Reclamation area.  From there you can ride a V-hire (public passenger van) to Danao, Cebu for only 50 pesos per person. It is 30-40 minutes travel.  If you travel by sea, I would suggest to just go to SM Mall Terminal since it’s near to the port area.

Once you reached the port area, you will ride a Barge [a flat-bottomed boat] to get to the Island. Fare is 180 pesos for non-air con and and 200 pesos for air con.

This is the Consuelo Port of Camotes, Island. You can rent a Van or a multicab to get to your resort. The vans and multi-cab there also offers a day tour package for around 1,500 to 1,700.

BayWalk – Camotes Island, Cebu

This is BayWalk of Camotes Island, Cebu. It is just a few meters away from the Port of San Francisco which is the main town of Camotes. This was built last year 2009 headed by Mayor Al Arquillano, Congressman Red Durano and Governor Gwen Garcia.  It has small coconut trees with bermuda grass design and a snake like pavement.

It is nice to have picnic and enjoy the its view.

Santiago Bay Garden Resort – Camotes Island, Cebu

Santiago White Beach Resort is also one of the famous white beach in San Francisco, Camotes Island, Cebu. This resort is also the sister company of Mangodlong Rock White beach Resort. This resort is just a few minutes away from the port. It stands on a 2.5 hectare are with lush greenery of there gardens.


They have a swimming pool with an overlooking view of the white sand beach.

They also have a restaurant that offers variety of food and we ordered our favorite Chicken Adobo and Sinigang na Baboy.


For more information, you can contact the numbers below:

Telephone Numbers: (032) 345-8599 / 344-6899

Telefax : 420-3385

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