Boracay Restaurants

Boracay Restaurants_Boracay, Philippines

If there is anything on Boracay that helps to compliment the splendor of its beaches, it most definitely is the amazing selection of flavors available at it’s many savory restaurants. Over the years people from around the world have come to Boracay and fallen in love with the island lifestyle and then decided to open restaurants featuring cuisine from their home countries. This gives Boracay menu a variety seen in few other places. Whether eating at a marketplace, restaurant, devouring all you can eat at one of the many BBQ restaurants or relaxing inside one of the more upscale establishments, you will surely be in flavor heaven. Some flavors you can find here on the island are Thai, Greek, Spanish, Mexican, Cuban, Morocco, Norwegian, German, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Canadian, Korean, French, British and of course Filipino. Bon Appétit

ATV & Buggy Ride – Boracay, Philippines


ATV [ All Terrain Vehicle] and Buggy Ride is one of the enjoyable day-time activity in Boracay. You will have a one hour trip from the Station to Everland Aviary Park to Ocean Tower. ATV cost 300 – 450 pesos each. We only paid 300 pesos to our coordinator and 50 pesos entrance fee to Ocean Tower and 60 pesos for Everland park.

This ATV is automatic. The power switch is on the left side of the handle bar and the right switch on the right handle bar is used to accelerate the vehicle. Both handle bars have hand breaks.

This is the buggy vehicle. It has two pedals. One for accelerator and one for breaks and you just have to use the steering wheel to control your direction. Buggy ride costs Php800.

First stop is Everland Park where you can see this friendly big Bat.


Next stop would be the Ocean Tower where you will see the 360 degrees view Boracay Island.

We really have fun driving ATV and enjoy the view of Boracay Island.