Sunken Cemetery – Camiguin

Sunken Cemetery is lying 20 feet underwater in Barrio Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin. It’ s the remains of Mt. Vulcan. According to local historians, Mount Vulcan had four historic eruptions. The first one was in 1827 but records of this eruption were nil. The second one was in 1862 when thick ashes from the crater flowed and overtook people who were fleeing towards the sea, resulting in 326 fatalities. The third one started in 1871. The years after the destructive eruption of Mount Vulcan,the Sunken Cemetery was visible during low tide.  But Mount Vulcan erupted again in 1948 until 1953 sinking the whole area deeper.  To mark the community cemetery, a large cross was built on the solidified lava in 1982. The Corals has now encrusted the tombstones that can be explored by snorkelers and scuba divers.


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