St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Singapore


St. Andrew’s Cathedral is located in 11, St. Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178959. It is just near Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It is one of the few examples of English Gothic Revival architecture in Singapore. It was designed by Colonel Ronald MacPherson of the Madras Army and built by convict laborers. The first services were held in 1862. In 1870, it was elevated to the status of Cathedral.

This is the second church on the site. The grounds were reserved for an Angelican church by Stamford Raffles in his 1823 Town Plan. The first church designed by GD Coleman was completed in 1837. It was named St. Andrew’s after the patron saint of Scotland in recognition of the generosity of the Scottish community who contributed a large portion of the funds. The church was struck by lightning twice and fell into disrepair. By 1852 it was deemed unsafe and was demolished to make way for the present building. During the Japanese invasion (1942-1945), the Cathedral was used as a casualty station for the wounded and remained open for worship.

One of the main attractions of the Cathedral is a multi-coloured stained glass window. The centre panel was dedicated to the memory of Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of Singapore in 1861.

This tower with a spire was completed in 1863 and gazetted as a monument on 28 of June 1973. The present Cathedral was built in English Gothic style, between 1856 and 1864 using Indian convict labour.


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