Helmet Diving at Boracay Island



Helmet Diving is one of the activities in Boracay Island Philippines which cost Php 300 to Php 400. We made a good deal so we only paid Php300 each. The boat will bring you to the sanctuary where there are corals and fish.



As you go down the ladder, divers will put on the helmet once the water is already shoulder level.


The Helmet is pressurized with oxygen connected with this air gauge used by divers to monitor the air pressure. As you submerge underwater, you will hear a deafening noise due to the air pressure. In that case, just swallow your saliva to ease the noise. You can talk under the water but only you can hear yourself, so you have sign language to communicate with each other.

We had fish feeding. You will be amazed with the colorful fish biting on a piece of bread that we’re holding.

Here you can see the beautiful corals with lots of fish in it. This helmet weighs 30kls and feels like 2-3kls when submerged in water.



  1. Hi, who’s your contact for the helmet diving? Me and my friends are planning on going this June. Thanks

    • You can contact Ms. Pinky at 09206224906 but I would suggest you go along the beach. There are lots of company representatives that would offer ride packages. You can compare prices and have a good deal especially if you come in group.

  2. Hi
    I am visiting boracay this june too.
    Can i know is helmet diving safe for non-swimmers?

    • @ jayice
      Yes it’s safe because professional divers would accompany you. Even I myself don’t know how to swim.hahaha. The funny thing is, when i was underwater, the diver is holding me all the time because i can’t keep feet on the surface. I would really float if he release my hand and it’s not good to look at the picture and video. What he did is he added an additional weight on my helmet. Have you noticed that white circle floating at the top of our helmet on the third picture? That was the weight added.

      You must try it. Don’t worry there will be instructions provided before diving. Once you’re underwater, you only hear yourself so remember the sign language so that divers would immediately understands you if you are okay or in trouble.

  3. will there be people who can take picture of us if theres only 2 people and do we have to supply the camera ourselves?

    • @ DM, it’s already included in the package. Divers have there own camera. We paid 300 pesos each and that already includes 150 photos and videos saved in CD. But you can also bring your own camera if you want.

  4. Our family will be in Boracay this Oct 31.. What is the minimum age do you allow Helmet Diving.. because I have a 6-year old son who wants to experience it.

    • Hi MSC, according to the divers, youngest age allowed for Helmet diving is 6 years old. The helmet is quite heavy but it will just be lighter underwater. I myself is as small like a kid..hehehe.. Just make sure u have good divers with you underwater because i myself was afraid that time because i don’t know how to swim.


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