Hair Braiding in Boracay Island

Hair braiding is one of the Top things to do in Boracay.

Hair Braiding is a hair style formed by interweaving three or more strands of hair.

You can avail this service just along the beach or you can let them go to the hotel where you stay in. The price range from PHP 50 – PHP 250 each.

Many of the tourist have there hair braided just for fun and experience and others are for convenience so that they wont have tangled hair enjoying there rides or after swimming.



  1. Brigitte Anama says:

    I am just wondering how many hair braiding styles they do in Boracay. I feel i should visit the Island and braid a few heads with styles that turn heads. Well i feel like swimming too.

    • they have lots of style.. you should visit the’d really love the fine powdery white beach. I’m looking forward on my next visit 🙂


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