Boracay Restaurants

Boracay Restaurants_Boracay, Philippines

If there is anything on Boracay that helps to compliment the splendor of its beaches, it most definitely is the amazing selection of flavors available at it’s many savory restaurants. Over the years people from around the world have come to Boracay and fallen in love with the island lifestyle and then decided to open restaurants featuring cuisine from their home countries. This gives Boracay menu a variety seen in few other places. Whether eating at a marketplace, restaurant, devouring all you can eat at one of the many BBQ restaurants or relaxing inside one of the more upscale establishments, you will surely be in flavor heaven. Some flavors you can find here on the island are Thai, Greek, Spanish, Mexican, Cuban, Morocco, Norwegian, German, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Canadian, Korean, French, British and of course Filipino. Bon Appétit

Ted’s Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy – Iloilo, Phils.

Ted's OldTimer La Paz Batchoy, Iloilo

We’ve got a chance to eat at Ted’s Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy, the original La Paz Batchoy in Iloilo which is just near the Cathedral Church of Iloilo. It originally started in 1930’s by Ted Lepura who’s working on a Chinese Merchant .  As a peddler, he became famous of his Lapaz Batchoy and in 1945 he then started his first stall called Ted’s Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy.

They now have varieties of Batchoy. Extra Super Batchoy,  Super Special Batchoy, Special Batchoy, Miswa Batchoy, Sotanghon Batchoy, Bihon Batchoy, Beef Batchoy and you can add a pandesal or puto for side dish.

We ordered the Special Batchoy with pandesal as it is there specialty. It has a lot of ingredients and we’re really sated.

Ice cream in Singapore Streets


After visiting the Botanic Garden of Singapore, I notice the push cart of Selecta Ice cream with a big umbrella of Selecta. They call it Selecta Walls in Singapore. What catches my attention is, they serve it with wafer or bread. Reminds me with how I ate my ice cream when I was a kid. I use to eat my ice cream with bread before.

Biscuit or wafer with Ice cream cost SGD 1.20 and Bread with Ice cream is SGD 1.40. They also have Ice cream sticks which cost 0.80Th cents. They have variety of flavors. Durian, Chocolate, Ripple, Chocolate Chips, Sweet Corn and there new flavor Yam [Ube] and Coffee flavor.

This time i bought the Durian Ice cream with wafer since I never tried eating ice cream with wafer. I also like Durian.  Durian is Singapore’s National fruit. I love Ice cream very much.