Dong Juan – Cebu

If you’re looking for a not quite expensive fine dining restaurant, you can visit Dong Juan. It’s located in The Persimmon, MJ Cuenco Ave. Mabolo Cebu City. They also have branches in Emilio Osmeña St. Capitol Site Cebu City.

They serve fritters, pizza, pasta, salads and burgers.




The Dong Juan’s burger cost Php 99. It’s a big burger which is already fit for a 1 meal.


This is the Dong Juan’s All Meat Pizza which cost Php 229. It is 12 inches thin crust pizza.

If you want a combination of meat pasta, you can eat this Salami Ham Pasta for only 99 pesos

This is there best seller pasta, the Gambas Al Ajito Pasta for only 129 pesos.


Telephone: +63 32 256 1796

Email :