Buddah Tooth Relic Temple

Buddah Tooth Relic is a Temple and a Museum located South Bridge Road, Singapore. The temple is within Chinatown. One of the founder was Shi Fa Zhao. It is architecturally inspired by the harmonious combination of the Buddhist mandala and the art culture of Buddhism in the Tang dynasty.

According to the legends, when the Buddha died, his body was cremated in a sandalwood pyre at Kusinara in India and his left canine tooth was retrieved from the funeral pyre by Arahat Khema. Khema then gave it to King Brahmadatte for veneration. It became a royal possession in Brahmadatte’s country and was kept in the city of Dantapuri (present day Puri in Orissa) and whoever possessed the Sacred Tooth Relic had a divine right to rule that land

The Sacred Tooth Relic came to be regarded as a symbolic representation of the living Buddha and it is on this basis that there grew up a series of offerings, rituals, and ceremonies.