Island Hopping & Snorkeling at Malapascua Island


Island Hopping is one of the activities in Malapascua Island. You’ll be able to discover the beautiful Islands of Malapascua and stop on the sanctuary where you can see different kinds of fish and corals. Snorkels are available for rent at 50 pesos complete set and life jackets for those who don’t know how to swim.

Malapascua Island is also rated as the most best diving spots in the Philippines. It where you can see thresher sharks and variety of marine lifes.

Malapacua diving offers sharks, wrecks, coral gardens and reefs. You may check the Dive shops and operators in the island.

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Jetski in Boracay, Philippines


Jetski is one of the famous water sport activity in Boracay. The price may vary, depending on how many people who are going use each ride. Check the rates before you rent a jet ski in Boracay since you can find a lot of company who offers the service. You can just find dealers along the beach. Compare prices to have a good deal.

Experience the thrill as you ride with it especially if you are with friends where you can go racing and enjoy the crystal clear water.

Skimboarding in Argao, Cebu


Argao is an old town which is 68 km south of Cebu City.  Lawis is the best place in Argao for skimboarding. It has the stretch of beach running along the edge of Argao. The place is famous for this sport because it has a sandbar at its centre that stretches out into the sea that makes it to have a longest season for skimboarding.  Either North or South of Lawis, part of the sandbar would really have a good wave whether from Habagat or Amihan wind.


As they say it would just take a day to learn skimboarding. All you need to do have the willingness to learn and be prepared for little pain while doing the practice. First you need to hold the board both hands and wait for a good wave to come and run along the water.

Toss the board at the correct timing onto the water and jump like a ballerina without losing your balance. You really get excited when big waves are coming. The bigger waves the better because the board is just small to carry the weight of the rider.

It would just keep you floating by hydroplaning over the water. Experts could do acrobats with big waves which would give a farther ride as you slide on the plane of the wave.

With extra careful, I even tried it myself even if I’m 3 months pregnant.  Since then, my baby such a sporty girl like me and now it shows.

Argao is such a nice place to get together with your friends and family. There are lots of resorts nearby the beach. We just stayed in our friend’s rest house.  They have swimming pool with Jacuzzi. They’re also accepting guest at a lower rate.

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