Jetski in Boracay, Philippines


Jetski is one of the famous water sport activity in Boracay. The price may vary, depending on how many people who are going use each ride. Check the rates before you rent a jet ski in Boracay since you can find a lot of company who offers the service. You can just find dealers along the beach. Compare prices to have a good deal.

Experience the thrill as you ride with it especially if you are with friends where you can go racing and enjoy the crystal clear water.

The Woman in Flames by Salvador Dali

I saw this Golden statue with crutches and drawers on its chest displayed at Marina Bay Sands Hotel lobby in Singapore. This is called “The Woman in Flames” or La Femme En Flambe in Spanish was sculptured in 1937 by Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech commonly known as Salvador Dalí.

Salvador Dali was a prominet Spanish surrealist. Dali’s skills were painting, sculpture, photography and has an artistic repertoire in film.

Gardens by the Bay – Marina Bay,Singapore

This is the Gardens by the Bay in Marina Bay, Singapore which is set as Singapore largest garden project but it is still under construction. This is located in Bay South of Marina Bay. It is an incredible botanical preserve with Tall Solar Trees. It is the 101-hectare expanse of lush green space will be situated right next to Marina Bay resort and will feature two botanical biospheres and series of towering tree structures that double as Vertical Gardens.

The flower garden is composed of 1.2 hectare with 23°C to 25°C temperature. It is cooled with the aid of chilled water pipes located within ground slabs. This allows warm air to rise and vent out at higher levels, keeping temperatures at an optimum on ground level. It can conserve 30% of energy by converting waste to energy.

They also have a heritage garden where you can see the history and culture of Singapore. It is where you can see the Colonial garden, Chinese garden, Malay garden and the Indian garden.

Bay East is also currently under development that will feature water gardens and an aquatic education center.

Here you can see the super-tall trees structure. You can see this on the main gates of Bay South. This Super-tall tree  comprises 162,900 plants varieties of bromeliads, orchids, ferns and tropical flowering vines. The Tallest tree has 50m high and the shortest is 25m high. There are 18 total number of trees.

The gardens will comprise a “cool moist” bio-me showcasing plants from the Cloud Forest and a “cool dry” biome that features plants from Mediterranean environments. Its supertall tree structure will serve as a vertical gardens that collect rainwater and solar energy to sustain the garden and light the way at night.

Here you can see the Dragonfly Lake which is the source of the aquatic resources like fish and other aquatic plants. This lake flows through the Bay South garden that serves as a natural eco-filter to clean the water. The aquatic plants are absorb excess nitrogen and phosphorus, so as to ensure better water quality. You will enjoy the view of the lake by strolling around the Boardwalk of the lake.

The public can now enjoy a week-long sneak preview of the Gardens by the Bay from Monday. The preview, which runs from Nov 14 to 20, 2011.  Right now, they are still close and will officially open next year [ June 2012] and a second 32-hectare development called

Specific Location: 18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018953

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Getting There:

By Car/Taxi

18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953

From East Coast Parkway (ECP) in the direction towards the city, take Exit 17A and turn left onto Marina Place and Marina Boulevard. From Marina Boulevard, turn left before turning left onto Marina Mall.

From ECP in the direction towards Changi Airport, take Exit 17 onto Central Boulevard. Turn right onto Marina Station Road, left onto Marina Street, and left again onto Marina Mall.

By MRT/Bus

Alight at Marina Bay MRT Station.
Take bus service 400 and alight at the bus stop outside the Marina Barrage.